:>  ooops bird scatter… two went left, and one went RIGHT OUT THE OPEN DOOR.  d’oh!
One BirdMIA:  “spotted green” is a young emerald lineolated parakeet “linnie” flew out the front door in St.Boniface Sunday, May 26th.
I am not looking for it’s return per se, but for IT’s SAFETY.   If this bird flys to you and you catch it, then WOW that is a stroke of luck as well as, you must be especially amazing for it to do that!  If this happens to you and if you need anything call… 204-221-6466 I will hook you up with everything you need. and thanks.
There are murders and murders of crows in our area… I doubt this little one even has a chance… but miracles can happen.
all the best, keep your eyes in the sky! :>

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