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I actually found her last night!! :D Thank you so much, she was super dehydrated and hungry and SO happy to be found, but otherwise was in wonderful condition.

I was too stubborn to stop looking. :)


Help! My little quaker parrot Ekho has flewn away from somewhere between Glen St, High Rd and Mountain Rd area in Kelowna. She’s only just over a year and we hadn’t been clipping her wings because they had been damaged the first time someone had trimmed them. And I had her and my little conure out sunning on the deck when she just…. LIFTED off.

We spent all afternoon looking, and managed to find her up a 30ft+ tree at the VERY spindly top across from home, she stayed the entire night, but took off this morning after a 15 minutes of me going out to check on her and has yet to reappear. I’m sure she’s terrified, and her brother Icarus is at a complete loss without her.

She is banded, though I’ve been tearing the house apart looking for her paperwork with little luck so far. Ekho is your average quaker, pinkish beak, grey and green colorations and she has these pretty little blue flight feathers and the rest of her wings look pretty short and in the right light, her eyes are almost grey.

We miss her so much! If ANYONE has ANY information, please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail me!



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