Help bring our baby home to us. “Keeper” is a Black Caped Conure, of a bonded flock of 3 siblings. They’re very depressed without each other. On January 15, She was scared off by hunting birds around Craigflower & Cooper of View Royal area in Victoria and flew away.
She’s a free flying bird & never caged. Being separated from her flock & confined to a cage will kill her. She has full flight feathers so she could have flown far away, trying to find home. She is extremely smart & sensitive with a unique & strong bond with us & her siblings as we raised them since they were hatched.
She is also a companion bird mingling with many people. She is well known & liked in the community & everyone is looking for her, She has some unique characteristics that could only be identified by her siblings & us. She most likely had flown to people & landed on someone, seeking security & warmth. Please help her reunite with us & her siblings as we miss her badly & are worried sick about her well-being & happiness.
A $400 reward is set to be paid for her safe return or to any substantial information leading to her safe return. No questions asked.
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