[quote]Dear Josee,
I’m so happy to inform you that our lost Dove and our family have finally been reunited after 4 months!!! He is presently flying all over the house to visit all of his favorite perching spots & windows ledges & re-familiarizing himself with everything and everyone. He is 100% our bird and we owe  you so much thanks for keeping our search for our missing Dove on your radar – after all this time I thought it would be impossible! You are such an incredible person! I will write back to you again soon.
On behalf of everyone in our Family, we are very grateful!

A very friendly and domesticated White’ Dove was lost in the N.D.G./Cote St-Luc area around noon on Sunday, June 17, 2012. It sings 2 different songs or tunes: the first sounds as if he is ‘mourning’ or ‘crying’ and the second sounds as if he is ‘laughing’. It is very sociable & curious and will probably fly towards you if you whistle the same sounds that he is making or if you ask him gently to, “Come Here!” If you find him please respond to this post as he is very much missed!!! Thank you.

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