Our parrot, ‘Loco’ or ‘Chuck’, escaped from his/her cage mid to end of July in the Saskatoon Varsity View area (near the corner of Osler St. & Clarence Ave.).  We are still hopeful he/she will be found.  If you spot him/her then please call 306-244-9735. 
General Description –
Weight: 100-110 gm
Size: Small-medium sized parrot.  Approx. 11 inches in length (head to tail tip).
Distinct Markings: Overall green, olive green breast fading to yellow green, black wing primaries edged in blue, base of tail green tipped in blue, head gray brown, edged in blue, bare white area around eye, black bill, under side of tail black, reddish cere.  Long tapered tail.
Behavior/Aviculture –

Very noisy especially in the afternoon.  Poor talker.  Voice is often loud and harsh.  Mostly make noise when he/she gets excited.

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