Still haven’t found Freedom lost by Sinclair gas station in front of Goldenview Animal Hospital (Colfax and Lupine.) I have been over there frequently calling for him especially by the car dealership. I know it sounds crazy but I met with an internationally known animal communicator and she says Freedom is still alive and he says there are a lot of birds where he is, it is very noisy and he is afraid to come out. I still have hope. He has been missing since June 7th. He used to say “Vinny no, make kissing noises and mimic the microwave. Reward.Thanks,

I was taking Freedom to Golden View Vet hospital (Colfax and Lupine, near I 70)for a tube feeding and weight check after he was bit by my cockatoo. He was still not eating on his own. I had him in a carrier and it fell when I got out of the car and he flew off! I am afraid that he is not eating. I spoke to a psychic who found my cat and she sees an adobe house and a red chimney. I have signs up and keep canvasing the neighborhood. I also left a cage outside the vet’s office. He has a bald head right now from his head injury and a scab on his right cheek. He hasn’t been talking but since he got hurt but he normally says “Vinny, no, Freedom. here kitty,” imitates the microwave.Thanks Pam

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