UPDATE: I can’t thank you enough for your email! Actually, I did get lucky…The day after I posted the ad I was standing in the backyard on the phone with the Humane Society when I saw the chicken peeking out from under the house! I think she’d crawled in there during the thunderstorm and didn’t think she could get out of the small space. The poor girl had been under there for two-and-a-half days! What’s really funny is that my husband had looked for her there, but she must have evaded him…
    Even though I don’t have a parrot, I know people who do and I have actually seen/found lost ones when I lived in CA. If you don’t mind, I will hang onto this info to send to people I know if they have an escaped bird. Again, I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to send this to me. You are doing a lot of good! I volunteer with Greenwood Wildlife Rescue and just helped out a guy on Craigslist who had a fox killing his chickens! I was so glad to be able to help, and he was very thankful, as I am sure people are of you when you send this to them.

I know this probably sounds like a joke, but it isn’t…We let our pet chickens free-roam in our yard and one of them disappeared sometime during the day or early evening of yesterday. We had 5 chickens and even though this hen doesn’t lay eggs anymore, she was my favorite. She’s a Plymouth Rock Hen so she is black-and-white spotted. I know that it is possible that a hawk or other animal got her, but there are absolutely no feathers in our yard to hint at that and we have a Great Dane who’s smell would likely deter any fox or coyote. We are wondering if she flew over the fence during the thunderstorm, or got under it. If you have any information, or have found a carcass, please let us know. My son misses her, as well. I suppose you can’t really miss a chicken wandering around on the street! It’s not something you’d see every day. Thank you so much!
PS: We live in old town Lafayette near E. Geneseo and N. Iowa St. near Baseline Rd. and I will post a picture of her below.

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