Thank you for your tips. Will keep that in mind and in my rolodex.

We found her the next morning. She was rejected by the birds in the huge banyan tree. There were battlescars to show it. Her demeanor is somewhat normal. She ate when we brought her home. That was a good sign. We found her within 21 hrs and 50 yd radius.

She went to an apartment and called out. The gentleman opened the door and took her in. During our search going door-to-door a lady brought us to the man that kept her. I broke down in tears. There was lightning and thunder during the night. She had no lunch/dinner and like to cuddle in her black towel to sleep. I was worried.

I was a wreck. Couldn’t sleep. I was helpless. 99% of my fear was calling the owner that I had lost her. This is his baby.

I called the local radio station and made a public announcement, Humane Society for tips, fire department came to help, flyers, knocking on doors, craigslist, tv ad… I was desperate.

I am relieved. I will share your email with the Owner for education on our part… Thank you~

Miss Chatterley

Date: Thursday, Feb 23, 2012
Location: Lihue Ace Hardware rooftop
Time: 11:00am
Description: Green with red bellied chest. Very friendly. Does not know danger. Will come when you put your finger out. Will call you in a distinctive voice when in need of help. Name: “Manju”

Postings: Neighborhood, Radio Stations, Kauai Humane Society, Police Dept., Fire Department, Pet Shops, Veternarians.

Please call Owner at 808-346-8154
Please call Sitter at 808-755-5716 (call anytime, lv mess, txt, or email:

  • Location: Lihue
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