• Species: Conure - Sun (See species list for details)
  • Location: Honolulu, Hawaii, United States 96817
  • Date Lost: September 16, 2011
  • Banded: Yes
  • Microchipped: Yes

I Lost my best friend when he got scared and flew away.. from the Maluhia Hospital Area. No. Kuakini and Hala Dr. Last seen in park at No. School & Lanakila Ave.

He’s very people oriented with adults, Friendly, and will come on call to his name which is ” POOKII “.

He’s a shoulder bird and travels with me in and out of the house, He’s very capable of flying, and has Never been Clipped.

I’m wheel-chair bound for the most part and he’s a very important part of my life and He has been hand raised by me. I am very dependent on him daily for my emotional balance as he is a major part of my life we have been inseparable until now.

Normally the furthest he flies is only about 50 feet but the winds on Friday caught him and carried him much further away from me and over the roof to an area he was not familiar with.

His vocabulary is very limited but he does say “Hello, No Pookii No, Hi Daddy, Peanut, and Corn”..

He clicks his beak incessantly and continually when happy..

He is a mixed breed bird, a cross between a Sun and Jenday Conure.

If you find him,, or he finds You,, which is what will probably happen, Please return him to me. As I am very tied to him Emotionally..

I can only offer a token Reward as I am retired and disabled, However both of our appreciation will be great plus.

Please see the pictures Below.

His basic diet is raw Corn on the cob, Lima beans, ΒΌ Raw Apple, Raw Peanuts and a little of almost any thing your eating that he likes Especially Buttered Toast. He eats a little of almost everything I eat and is table trained to stay off the plate.

He resents being in a cage and will bite if caged more than at night when he goes to his cage on his own..


If he finds you please call me at 428-8034 DAY OR NIGHT or Email at

I’m and old man alone who misses his best friend, so if He find’s You, and You see this, Please kindly return him home to me. I need him more than you’ll ever know, hopefully.

Thank you and God Bless..



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