Lost Small Green Lovebird (Kalihi)
The little fellow took off in Kalihi area on Saturday April 9 at 10 am.[ 12 days ago], and has not been seen ever since. His mate is very sad, and calling out for him, but no sign of him yet. He’s strong & healthy, but we’re all worried for his well being, never being on his own, finding food, water, and hopefully staying safe.
If it comes to your porch; gently try to convince him to come in by some seeds or bread, and water inside near the door, then close the door once he’s in, and call me right away. He stays in outside a cage, and can be kept for days inside your home. He sings once at day break, and sleeps at sun down. Please call if you have found or seen this bird, and I’ll pay you for your efforts.

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