Name of Bird: Acorn
Age: 14
Sex: Male
Common Saying: Acorn.  Nicknames:  Nutterbutt, Butterball, Butter Squash, Noodles, Bazooka – – for the most part he will recognize anything pertaining to Thanksgiving time by name – which was the time of his birth.  I have had him for the entire 14 years….he and my fiance are scared for him.  Temperatures are supposed to drop this evening.  We have been looking high and low for him.  He is part of our family; and he has never done this before.  Currently, his wings are not clipped….he is really scared of large birds (seagulls and hawks, especially),
Distinguishing Characteristics:  Gray body, white wing tips, yellow face, gray and yellow crown, and orange cheeks.  He also has a white feathers on the back of his head.
Medical Issues: None.  (I hope)  He has been properly taken care of and seen by his vet every six months,   I have his documentation on file.
Reward? YES!
Comments: Acorn is incredibly intelligent…butt I am certain he is completely scared right now.  My fiance and I haven’t slept or eaten since Thursday as we have been out looking for him.  Please wish him a safe return.  Acorn is a human being with feathers.  He has rescued me so many times, and is my soul mate.  I have lost so many immediate family members in my life this past few years…to lose him too is breaking my heart!  PLEASE HELP!!!


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