• Species: Cockatiel - Normal Gray (See species list for details)
  • Location: Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, United States 02130
  • Date Lost: July 13, 2011
  • Banded: No
  • Microchipped: No

How do I post a REUNITED bird ? I was reunited with Hope, my lost cockatiel, this morning; after 4 days apart. After printing more than 500 flyers, stuffing them in mailboxes within one square mile of home, and putting them on poles around the clock, she was picked up and brought to the Boston Animal Shelter. We were reunited at 8:02am – rwo minutes after they opened. She is stressed. Her mate is more stressed because I am keeping them apart today, Hope doesn’t seem to want another bird in her face right now. She is too busy obsessing on where I am; but I am sure that will lessen in time.
Thank you for all your encouragement and prayers.


Hope was lost this morning and we have been calling her for hours. She MAY fly to you – but usually she misses and lands behind or in front of you. She WILL step up. She does do the wolf whistler. She DOES know her name, but may not respond if she is stressed.

This morning she was flying TO me and missed my shoulder and went out the door (left open by the children.) At that exact moment half a dozen song birds flew by the door and she was swept up with them.(Every time I try to get her wings clipped they say she has a blood feather and I have to wait.)

If you see her please call me 617-xxx-xxxx. She will come to my call – so I WILL come to where she is and call her down. (I can bring her mate – who is soulfully calling to her every few minutes.)The children feel terrible, her mate and I are taking turns calling to her. PLEASE help us bring her home.
Thank you.

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