I recently moved last week and 3 of my racing homing pigeons accidently got out of my coop/Loft when i accidently left the door to my coop unlocked and the door blew open in the big rainstorm we had a couple days ago here in spencer.
These 3 Pigeons have babies very young and the 3 i lost are the parents to my babies and they only get fed by the parents. Please if you see or catch these possibly their young need them to survve because Parents feed the young thru regurgitation and the young are to young yet to eat on their own-Please call me anytime day or night . one is light tan band # (on file with 911PA) the second is black and white salt and pepper color mostly white her band # is (on file with 911PA) and her mate is dark blue with white feathers and white markings on his head and face and wings and his band # is (on file with 911PA).
Very sadly missed because i love my Pigeons and their young need them to survive-Any possible sightings or if capture please call me any time day or night My Phone Number again is 774 289 4023 i’ve added pictures of 2 of the babies parents but i dont have a picture of the tan almost reddish pink father to 2 young babies
All 3 got out early in the morning on June 27th 2011 – Glen Spencer Mass. 1 of the pictures is of the babies of the missing parents

image 0 image 1
image 3


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