PLEASE PLEASE help our family find our parrot. I bought ” Morgan” for my boyfriends birthday, he has hand fed this little baby bird and has formed a very close bond with her. Now he is besides himself because his baby is missing. Morgan is a pure green juvenile indian ringneck parrot…..she is bright green with a reddish/orange beak..because she is still growing she is about the size of a cockatiel right now! She is hand tame and very sweet….but she is still being slightly hand fed on top of her solids and our neighborhood is rittled with outdoor cats, so we REALLY need to find her soon. PLEASE PLEASE help us find our baby…we do not have kids, i have my dog, he has his bird, so right now its like weve just lost a child. Even is you just “SPOT” her please call us…she is very close to him, and responds to his voice, so even if she will not come to you, she would come to him, and we will come to you IMMEADIETLY! please help our family be whole again. :(………her wings are clipped so she could have not gone very far.

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