Lost African Grey Parrot
Monday, May 30, 2011
By: Barbara Zufall

African Grey lost in the Rockwood, MI area.

Please help me find my pet African Grey Parrot. Her name is Bobbie. She flew away Monday May 30, 2011 in the 30280 Fort Street, Rockwood MI area. If you find her she will step-up on command. Just give her a finger. She will try to run up your arm to your shoulder. She whistles and makes water dropping sounds and is a very good imitator for the microwave. She does not talk. I miss her and want her back desperately. If you find her please e-mail. Please type the name “Bobbie” in the title so I know it is not spam. There is a small reward for her return. Thank you for your time.

Contact owner through the Michigan Humane Society: 1.866.MHUMANE

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