Thanks so much for your e-mail.  I am happy to report that we found Willow
this AM!  We heard her screeching as we were about to leave for work today
and followed the noise to a tree two houses down from us.  Using food as an
enticement (I suspect she was very hungry) we were able to get her to come
from the tree where I was able to grab her and get her safely back into the
house and her cage.  I think that she is happy to be back where there is
food and her “flock” but I suspect she also yearns to be free again.


This is a Goffins Cockatoo – about ¾ the size of full Umbrella Cockatoo and approximately 12 inches from tail to head. A Goffins Cockatoo is all white except for some peach color on its face and under its crest. “Willow” is fairly tame and it is probable that she will try to make contact with humans as she becomes hungry and desperate. If you see or have contact with Willow, please contact us. We can come and try to coax Willow into a cage. While Willow is tame, she is also very skittish and will bite if she feels threatened so we would advise against trying to handle her. I would guess that she would very much appreciate setting out of peanuts (or any nuts) and fruit.

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