• Species: Conure - Gold Capped (See species list for details)
  • Location: St Charles, Missouri, United States 63301
  • Date Lost: May 7, 2011
  • Banded: Yes
  • Microchipped: No

I made 200 posters with pictures and took two of my grandchildren with me … we put a poster on EVERY front door within an 8 to 10 block radius of the last place the bird was spotted.  Additionally, we  took the poster to over 50 businesses in the area and almost all of them were happy to post it.  I emailed or faxed the poster to every vet in the area and to all shelters and rescues too.  There was a college about 3 miles away, so I took a bunch of the posters to the student union and spread them around.  One of the students offered to post it to the student website.  Also kept returning to the site (I live over 35 miles from where this baby flew away) and took other birds of the same type hoping their calls would draw the baby out of hiding.

I got one call on the 2nd morning that he could be heard calling in the same area he had been last been spotted on the first day, but then it began to rain and they could tell that he was flying away as his calls became fainter.  Fortunately, one of the students from the University spotted him under a car that was parked across the street from her house (over 2 miles from where he was lost) this was 55 hours after he had been lost.  He was safe, very hungry, dehydrated and very glad to be home and warm again.  Considering that this baby was still on 3 hand feedings a day and his escape was also his first ever flight, I can’t tell you how blessed we feel that we were able to get him home.  There were no actual sightings of this bird until he was found after being outside for about 55 hours.

He had no injuries, was cold and hungry and now has a digestive yeast problem, but thankfully everything is OK.  The student did not know that there was a reward, but I was so grateful that I gave her double the amount that I planned to give.  She had no furniture in her house other than her bed, a small number of dishes and an empty refrigerator, but she cared enough to take this baby in and to call me.  What a wonderful person!



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