Thanks for the concern.  I have her back home safe and sound.   I had already went door to door with flyers for a half mile area around my home prior to posting on Craigs list. Not many houses due to living in a mostly wooded area.  I was taking her out to her outside cage on Thursday evening and a day or two prior she had taken a styrofoam cup from my hands on her way outside and chewed it up about half way before dropping it to the bottom of her cage.  When I carried her out on Thursday evening, in a hurry, did not pay enough attention to her body language to be aware that the styrofoam cup was still in the bottom of cage and was spooking her.  When I put her on a perch and went to shut door she came straight out and over the porch rail and circled the house about 6 times and instead of comming down went over the trees.  I walked woods and covered the banks of the pond Thurday till dark and all day on Friday.  On Friday night we had just a slight sprinke of rain but lots of thunder and I was just in tears and still walking woods, praying and calling her and talking to her but could not even get a sound.  On Saturday about lunch time one of the neighbors about 3 blocks through the woods called my cell phone and said they were out working in the yard and she came out of the woods over her head and landed in a tree in the front yard.  I called my husband and told him where I was going and I got in the car and was there in 2 minutes and when I walked up in the yard she started talking non stop.  The neighbors thought it was so funny to hear her talk.  When my husband (her boyfriend) pulled up and got out of his truck and said “Where is She” she immediately turned around on the tree branch and when he got close enough she flew straight down to his chest and grabbed his tshirt.  I am her sole caregiver but I knew she would come straight to him without having to be coaxed because she thinks he is her soulmate…… he has given her lots of attention yesterday and today.  That may slack off but she is enjoying it for now.  I am just grateful that she had a host of angels protecting her and guiding her to be found yesterday afternoon because last night we had the hardest rain we have had all year.  I bet it rained 6 inches and thundered and lightened.  I was just thanking Jesus that he had protected her and held off the storm until she was safe and sound at home with her craw full of warm grains.  I know the neighbors thought I was a crazy lady because they probably don’t see many people cry so hard that they can’t breath over an animal but they have never known the love of a parrot.  I just felt like one of my children was out there in the woods lost, scared and hungry and I was helpless to do anything to help her.  Anyway thanks for the note and all the advice.  You are also an angel for showing so much concern for my baby. 


Lost Thursday Evening, August 11 in Lesslie Hwy, Catawba area. Talks pretty good and answers to Gracie or Marie. Please call anytime day or night if you spot this parrot. I want her back home safe. Call home 803 xxx-xxxx or cell 803 xxx-xxxx. Please Help Me.

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