Hi–I stupidly took my grey “Sherlock” to sit outside. He was somewhat clipped but he got spooked and flew over a shrub. I ran around expecting him to be on the ground (he may have been flying because I was looking at the ground). Has not been seen–we scoured the neighborhood til 10 last night and today I put his cage in the driveway and put my “loud” macaw out there for a little while to attract him. So the cage is still there, door open. I will go out again when it starts getting dar but I can’t imagine where he could be. We live in Laurinburg, NC close to McColl, SC. I have put a poster on our stop sign with $100 reward and tried to call the paper but they had already closed. Any other suggestions? He was banded but I don’t have the number written I don’t think. I have had him about 13 years. Shirley

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