Thank you so very much for all that wonderful information which I will print and keep for others’ information.
The miracle is that I got my bird back!  We prayed and prayed and God was so good to have a wonderful animal lover find my bird and keep him for me to pick up.  I wish everyone could have this happy ending. I’m so glad to have him back and my little girl Cockatiel is so happy as well as she was lost without him.
Thank you again for your caring and your work to help people who have lost a loved pet.
Jan Tuttle

Markings: Gray w-Yellow on Cheeks
Additional: Named Pidge Answers to whistles and has many sounds due to being raised in an aviary.

Will answer to whistle and has many different calls from being in an aviary with other birds snd picking up their sounds. Has a mate here lost without him.


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