Lost Bird – a common gray pigeon – has a colored band on each leg – originally had my phone # written on them but may be pretty worn so you may not be able to read it.

His name is Faith! He was abandoned as a baby and someone gave him to me so I raised him myself. (He’s almost a year old now) He has never been out of the yard before and we are very worried about him. He recently “bonded” with another pigeon who tried to lead him off to roost last night. He didn’t follow her but when she didn’t come back – he went looking for her. They don’t see well in the dark and he had no idea where she went! He did not return today – but his girlfriend did. She waited and watched for him all day! We are very sad without him! If you have seen him please let us know – even if it is bad news 🙁
Thanks for reading this!

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