Please help me as I am heart broken. We live near Washington Ave & DePuyster Ave in the city of Beacon. Two days ago our dog was able to push on the partially closed back door to the house and cause it to open up fully. When she did this our beautiful Lutino cockatiel, which was perched on top of his cage, flew out the door and into a tall tree in the back yard. We watched him until after dark and tried everything to lure him back into his cage but nothing worked and he eventually flew over the tree tops and out of sight the next morning. We are heart broken and just want him back.

His name is Chico, the Lutino Cockatiel. He has a metal band on his ankle but we have not been able to find the record we have with the actual number from it as of now. He is a pale buttercreme yellow with orange cheeks. He is super sweet so there is no need to be afraid if he lands by you. He loves landing on your head or shoulder and rubbing the top of his head in your ear.

Anyone in the Beacon area should be on the look out for him hanging on your fence, porch or trees in your yard. He is very missed and we want him back desperately. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if anyone sees him, or if he adopts YOU….please let us know. Call (845) 290-4608 or reply to this posting asap PLEASE! We can work out something as a reward for your time and effort.

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