I had recently lost my Cockatiel on thursday, July 7th in downtown Buffalo around 10:00 am. he is very friendly and tame, and he goes by the name of Jewell, or (Jewy). he flew out of my window at 25 east huron st and has resently been spotted near the Hyatt Hotel. he looks like a typical cockatiel, gray, white, yellow head with orange spots on his ears. he has a great personality but gets upset when you point at him.

i dont know if you can help me at all with the where about of this bird, or if you can place an add in the paper or anything. anything would be appreaciated. im a working artist and dont have much for a reword, except for an art piece or something.

you can contact me via (716) 622 6677

thank you soo much if you can help.

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