I didn’t know how to update my posting but I lost my cockatiel “Millie” on July 7th in Cincinnati, Ohio. I got a phone call last night from a kind lady who found my bird on her front porch. She googled “lost bird Cincinnati” and pulled up an add for which had pulled the info for my missing bird from Craigslist. Never give up. I posted on half a dozen websites, distributed hundreds of fliers, and called every veterinary clinic in Cincinnati. I did all of this within 24 hours since that time window is very narrow for a lost bird. My Millie was found within 48 hours and is now home safely. Thank you to all these websites to get the info out there about our missing pets. Mark


I reported my Cockatiel lost on July 7th from Cincinnati, Ohio. I got my bird back. How do I update my posting to reflect that my bird has been found?

$1000 reward if found. Female Cockatiel. Name Millie. Band ID number (# on file with 911PA). Lost from Cheviot, Ohio near Bridgetown on the West Side of Cincinnati. This bird is very friendly, she was partially clipped but escaped. She is pearl in coloring, yellow tail feathers, yellow crest, three years old, and has a black beak with black claws. I ask that you please call me direct if you find her, she is my heart. 513-xxx-xxxx. Thanks, Mark.

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