My name is Suzzanne and I’m the owner of Seraph, a female African grey who got outside on June 17 and was recovered on June 19th at approx. 7:30 pm. She was recovered at the Merriwether Golf Course just south of Hillsbo…ro, about 3 miles from where she was last sighted around 12 pm that day. Apparently, she flew down to someone who was out on the course, and that person walked with her on his shoulder back to the clubhouse, where he handed her off to a gentleman who worked in the clubhouse. She then stayed with him until he could call Jerry, a man from Forest Grove who had also lost an African Grey on June 17.

As it turned out, this bird was not Jerry’s bird, but he took her anyway to care for her until we could be contacted. We brought her home on June 20th, but just as we were getting home, we got a call from a person in Forest Grove who had another african grey parrot in his backyard. I don’t believe Jerry posted anything with you, but he was able to recover his bird as well. There are two safe and happy african greys home at last!

I’ll be doing a full write up to post on Facebook for Chris, Avian Medical and my other bird friend contacts, if you are interested in having all the details of this amazing rescue story.

Thanks for your help and all you do to help find lost birds!

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