My cockatiels got out last night when I was trying to load them up and take them back home to Corvallis. Fortunately, we have managed to retrieve two of them. One is still missing. Elli is a grey and white faced cockatiel. Her colors are very similar to sea gull’s unfortunately, so please look extra careful for her. She is very friendly and will probably be cold, scared, hungry and just wanting someone to help her. She went missing around 7pm last night on the corner of Alder Street and 7th, in Newport at the top of the hill. Elli was picked up by a strong gust of wind and blown towards the downtown/bay area. Please please please help me find my beloved Elli. She means the world to me. Call if you have heard her, seen her or found her. I am offering a reward for her safe return. Thank you

Call me on my cell at any hour 5412242466

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