At 4pm at a rest area right outside of Harrisburg, PA in the east, off I-81, a pet starling Mogwai got out from his cage and flew away. If anyone has SEEN or CAUGHT him, please please please send word! Either by reply or txt or phone at 704 293 658three.

European starlings are small robin-sized black birds that are glossy with short tails. The wild ones you see around will have no spots and yellow beaks. Mogwai has a BLACK BEAK with WHITE SPOTS! He is a tame bird, not dangerous, and will possibly land on your head or shoulder. He might be lured in with food Im not sure. He likes to talk occasionally, saying words like ‘Mogwai’ ‘Watcha doin’ ‘Konnichiwa’ ‘Pretty boy’ but he doesn’t have any recall with names…

Mogwai is a young bird with a heartbroken mom, any sightings or info will be SO HELPFUL! Thank you! We stayed there for about 3 hours in the rain looking with no luck, I’m not too hopeful since hes a lot harder to distinguish from wild birds vs a parrot, but he is an imprinted bird and we have to try 🙁

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