Posted to Craigslist, Aug 11, 2011:

With the help of many good people the lost Cockatiel “Baby Boy” was found at Colyer Lake and returned to owner this evening.


Lost Male Cockatiel (Easterly Parkway/University Drive), My little “Baby Boy” flew away today about 3:00 P.M. while I was transferring him from his cage to his inside tree hangout. I heard him fly down Easterly Parkway to University Drive and most likely up to East McCormick Ave. That was the last place I could capture his voice.

If you see him and are able to coax him to your place please let me know. I will come with a cage and get him. If you think you see him I will come and get him with a net as he does not like to come to you when you ask him to. He likes to visit you on his own.

I call him “Baby Boy” his sister is waiting for his return.

Photo’s are what he looks like and not actually him. He has orange cheeks, grey feet, grey feathers on top of head. He is skiddish

Thank you

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