From the Anderson Independent, July 25, 2011:

How tweet it is! “I got my Baby back!” Hearsayer Ethel of Hartwell happily pronounced this past Friday. Hearsayers will recall that just about a month ago, Ms. E’s yellow parakeet, Baby, flew the coop while Ms. E was at her friend’s house in Anderson. The Lost Parakeet Alert Operation here at H’say Headquarters went into high gear and on July 22, Ms. E got a call from Hearsayer Chris of Anderson. “He said, ‘I think I have your bird.’ He had looked online at the newspaper and read about Baby. He described Baby to a T. When we got there, I started talking to Baby and he come right to me!” Baby, a bird with a penchant for landing on people’s heads, did precisely that on Mr. C’s dome. “Chris said he was working on his car in his front yard when Baby showed up. Baby was flying all around his head and all of a sudden he landed on his head.” Now as to the impressive peculiars of this parakeet story, Baby flew about eight miles from Ms. E’s friend’s house to Mr. C’s house. Furthermore, it’s nice to note that Hearsayer Ruth of Anderson also called H’say Headquarters about a possible Baby sighting, but when Ms. E got to Ms. R’s home, Baby had gone bye-bye. Ms. R doesn’t live too far from Mr. C, so it’s a good bet it was Baby she called about. Anyhoo, many, many thanks to Mr. C and Ms. R for getting Baby back where she belongs! How tweet it is!

From the Anderson Independent:

Lost-Yellow Parakeet in Homeland Park Area. Reward Offered.

Lost parakeet alert! Hearsayer Ethel of Hartwell is positively overcome with grief because her pet parakeet Baby recently flew the coop while Ms. E was visiting her boyfriend in the Homeland Park area of Anderson. “Baby is yellow, and he’s got a little blue on his body and a little white on the tips of his wings,” Ms. E explained. “He got lost on Saturday (June 25) morning. I was in Anderson, visiting my boyfriend. He lives in the Homeland Park area. Baby flies everywhere, and he flew straight out the door and he just kept going. I was planning on clipping his wings, but he had a hurt foot, so I didn’t want to clip his wings with his foot hurt, you know?” Ms. E said Baby “doesn’t think he’s a bird. He eats with us. He’ll fly right onto your head. I’m hoping when he got lost, he flew onto somebody’s head. He also likes to bob his head and hop around.” Ms. E said Baby will eat bird seed, “anything green,” and he “loves corn on the cob. It’s just killing me that he’s gone. It’s devastating. Like I said, he’s my baby.” So, Hearsayers, let’s all get on the Lost Bird Bandwagon and get Baby back home! If you’ve seen Baby, had him land on your head, or know of his whereabouts, by all means, give Ms. E a call at (707) 436-8132 or (864) 353-4984.

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