Lost 7/2 African Gray Parrot on vicinity of Hattons Ford Rd., Townville area. If seen/found please call

From the Independent Mail:
Big Boo-Boo bulletin OK, Hearsayers, listen up. Boo-Boo, the African gray parrot that can bark like a dog, is still on the loose and needs to be back home. Now Hearsay believes in the power of Hearsayers out there and knows that somebody somewhere has seen that silly bird. Hearsayers will recall that Baby, the Hartwell parakeet, was recently reunited with its owner after more than a month of being lost and after a Big Baby Bulletin appeared in Hearsay. So let’s do it again. Anybody seen Boo-Boo? He flew the coop on July 2 from the Hattons Ford Road area of Townville. “After Boo was in the newspaper,” said Hearsayer Delores, who owns the Boobird, “a man called us. He was on vacation in Tennessee. He said somebody had texted him about the story. He said Boo was seen in somebody’s yard across the bridge, and that he lit on a lady’s arm. Then he got spooked and flew up in a cedar tree.” So Hearsayers, here’s the deal: Call Ms. D at (864) 287-1263 if Boo has lit on you or if Boo has barked nearby or if the parrot has otherwise made his presence known around your place. OK? OK!

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