• Species: African Grey - Congo (See species list for details)
  • Location: Sonstraal Heights, Durbanville, Western Cape, South Africa 7441
  • Date Lost: May 18, 2011
  • Banded: No
  • Microchipped: No

Fabulous news! Shortly after I emailed you, I received a call. Tina, a lady working in the area last week Wednesday took him home with her and was caring for him this whole time. She saw my advert in the TygerBurger community paper placed this Wednesday and phoned me. During the call I heard Nelson’s very distinctive whistle in the background. A huge rush of adrenalin just went through me and my whole body felt like jelly. It was him!

It was the fastest I ever drove and the reunion was superb. He immediately got excited and could stop kissing me all the way home.

For all those people out there with broken hearts, please let them know there is hope and that they should never stop looking. Their baby is just waiting for them out there. Thank you again for guiding me through a very rough patch,

Nelson, our beloved African Grey parrot flew away on Wed 18 May 2011. Last seen flying from Marimba Crescent behind Cobble Walk shopping centre in the direction of the park in Vasco Crescent, Sonstraal Heights, Durbanville. He is grey with full grey plumage and red tail feathers. He loves crisp green apples cut in chunks and peanuts. He does not enjoy playing with wooden toys and wil take preference to empty water bottles. Throwing it around on tile floors and chasing after is his favourite. He has a slight indent on his beak as per the pIcture. We are offering a R1000.00 reward to anybody that can return Nelson safely to us.

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