Bling is a three year old cockatiel. He is about six inches long and has a long tail. There is a band of light gray across his chest and darker gray on his wings and back, but his belly is mostly yellow. He was lost in a semi-rural area several miles from the town of Lebanon. He is very sweet and tame and enjoys human company. Please keep an eye out for this bird. He is my precious pet and I am very worried about him.Thank you! address emails to Noelle or call

“Bling”, my daughter’s only and beloved pet, escaped on Tuesday June 14th at Spring Creek Rd. East of Lebanon between Hartsville Pike and Carthage Hwy.
Please call
Thank you


“Bling” my daughter’s only pet, got loose on Tuesday, June 16th on Spring Creek Rd. (East side of Lebanon, between Carthage Hwy. and Hartsville Pike)
She is away and doesn’t know it yet… Please call if you see anything looking like a pearl cockatiel… light gray with a yellow head and orange circles on his cheeks.
Thank you…

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