Hello there,
I have 2 Parrotlets and 1 Cockatiel, well Baby (my Cockatiel) will chirp and chirp when he wants to be let out of his Cage. My daughter opened his door and he came right out to sit on the top of his cage, meanwhile my daughter decides to take the Parrotlets out side. Instead of just opening the front screen door and walkling out she props the door and then she hit the glass door with the cage of the Parrotlets, that spooked Baby and he started to fly around the house and before she could get the door closed he flew out. If anyone sees him please take him in, Baby has the cutest Mohawk because it’s yellow and looks as if it has 3 gray highlights. He is very good doesn’t bite and will whine like a puppy. If you see him in the 76010 area please let me know, we are worried about him and really miss him!!!

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