Thank you…We found him the next day, he was very hungry and sleepy but ok. I had to climb a tree to get him as he would not fly to me and the crows were trying to get him…Thank you so much for getting back to us! Jeeves is home and happy


Our bird is a Cocktaiel and his name is Jeevees, short for Virginia and James. He has a yellow head with orange ears and a yellow tail on top of his head, Yellow, gray and white body and a yellow tail. He is a little over a year old, his wings were clipped but have grown back and is just learning to fly. He yells out what sounds like James when he is scared, or whistles like he is whistling at a pretty girl. He is very scared of everything but us. He loves Doritos’s and will come running when he hears the sound of the bag! He is very scared of flies! We live in Pflugerville, Texas near Austin. We miss him very much and hope he found his way to someone who will keep him safe! Please call or e-mail if found 512-xxx-xxxx

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