• Species: African Grey - Congo (See species list for details)
  • Location: Mansfield, Massachusetts, United States 02048
  • Date Lost: October 23, 2017
  • Banded: Yes


Hi everyone, I found my Katie bird a few hundred feet at the base of the trees where I last saw her when she flew off up in a fright. Katie and I are so happy to be reunited!! After days of walking miles expanding the area of search from where she flew off in a startle I was able to “echo located her” with her calling back to me, back and forth we went as I got closer and closer. She was on the ground in a corner of a fence behind gardens tools in a yard holding her foot out to me to pick her up. We had 3 days of terrible thunderstorms and 30-40 mph winds, I am amazed she survived. I had searched for her daily starting before sunrise until after sunset, and each time I started and ended my search where I first lost sight of her. I walked all over town whistling and calling her name out like a crazy person. I did not hear anything back until today when the weather calmed down. She must have been too afraid to make a sound, but she called me to find her today. Bottom line: NEVER GIVE UP! Keep looking, especially where you last spotted your bird, go back, recheck, again, and again, and CALL OUT TO YOUR BIRD….A LOT, OVER and OVER…..IT WORKS!:). She would not be here with me on my shoulder if I did not go back and recheck, again and again, probably for the 12th+ time after 3 days of terrible storms, your bird knows you and your voice, call out to her.


Katie is a shy African Grey. One of her toes has a permanently short toe nail. She has a few red feathers mixed in her grey body plumage around her neck and shoulders from plucking and regrow the, not just red tail feathers as most African Greys do. She likes sweets and is used to dogs and cats. She prefers to sing whistle more than talk, but will say “hello” to the phone and new things, or she will say, “WhoOOoo” if something is very odd and interesting. She will hold her foot out as she begs to be picked up, or squat down and flutter her wings to get you to pick her up and bring her in the direction of her flutter and heart’s desire. She loves shredding paper and cardboard and exploring paper bags and boxes. Please call  if seen or found. Thanks

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