REUNITED!!! Christie got her goffins back by having a family picnic and bringing out the peanut butter jar! He got a tasty treat and a ton of love. Will he ever do that again? Tune in next time. So very happy for both mom and bird. Phew! Thank goodness, a successful recovery.


I am posting this for the owner who’s name is Christie Krauszowski. Her bird flew off with trimmed wings this morning and has been in continuous sight all day near her home. This bird is very, very loved by this woman who has gone through many trials including MS and she is desperately seeking any kind of help. The bird is currently near White Fir Dr. He is continuously calling. They tried two tree climbers, a cherry picker, the fire department, but luck did not favor them. The bird flew off each attempt. I advised her to wait for the bird to come to her instead. She has another bird that calls to the bird on the lamb. That bird is out during the day. I cannot go to help. I feel very bad. Please help this kind person who has lost her love, her life.


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