We live less then a half mile from Manchester bar, close to Seaview St. Our love bird has gotten out a few times. Usually he hangs out in our yard in the Rose bush. We have not been able to find him a couple times and just left our door cracked all night, he always showed up in the morning. This time he got out of the house when we were BBQ and didn’t know it. By the time we found he was outside it was almost night time. We haven’t heard him at all today, nor has he shown up like usual. My 2 year old son is in love with this bird. We have raised him from a baby, Charlie our son named him Chicken. They are best friends. If he is found and you return him there is a reward and we would really appreciate it. Charlie will be lost with out Chicken and I’m not really sure how to tell him he may not be back. 360 871 1254… He is friendly and doesn’t bite, just put you’re finger out like a perch and he will climb on. If you see him we would appreciate a call also. Thank you so much.

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