• Species: Macaw - Blue and Gold (See species list for details)
  • Location: Holiday, Florida, United States 34691
  • Streets: Chesswood Dr.
  • Date Lost: March 19, 2011
  • Banded: No
  • Microchipped: Don't Know
  • Contact Person: -Cindy/Pete
  • Phone Number: 727-xxx-xxxx, 727-xxx-xxxx

Email from owner…

YES YES YES-It’s a true miracle-almost 4 weeks-I never gave up hope. There are some wonderful and caring people in our community. Thank you for your support-


I just want everyone to know-You’re right about scammers-But never give up hope-if your beloved pet is lost. My B&G flew from our back yard-Long story short-One street in back of us had her for 2 weeks SCARLET MAPLE DR-“Looking for the owners”- YAH RIGHT-I had posters through out Buena Vista-and had a search party-knocking on doors-talking to everyone in sight-These people only wanted money-NO HEART-And then a wonderful family took her in and she was with them for five days-I was crying so hard-after they told me the story. I’ll never forgive the backyard neighbor for trying to make a buck. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOUR SELF. I drove to Sarasota-on a scam-When you love your family member as much as I love “Molly”-You never give up. We raised her from a hatchling.

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