• Species: African Grey - Congo (See species list for details)
  • Location: Cathedral City, California, United States 92234
  • Date Lost: March 25, 2012
  • Banded: No
  • Microchipped: Yes
  • Phone Number: 775-xxx-xxxx

Details from owner on Beau’s recovery:

I feel “whole” again….my Beau bird is back! Thanks to a lot of friends, animal lovers and God, I was fortunate enough to be reunited with my African Grey Parrot.

Beau has been with us since he was just a hatching. Our little family isn’t complete without him, so last Sunday, when he spooked and flew out of my control—I was numb with sadness and guilt. I watched in horror as he flew down my patio, and up into the clouds and became a grey and red speck in the blue sky. I ran after him, down the street-hysterically screaming his name….to no avail.

I immediately reached out to 911 Parrot. Karen quickly responded with a “to do list”. Using her template, I was able to follow her direction. It helped me stay focused and gave me hope to move forward. I also called the chip manufacturer (he had a chip placed under his skin early in his life) and local shelters, bird stores, and to the Wildlife Bird Sanctuary in my area. I put his cage and his yummy jar out so he could see them. I spent the next 3 1/2 days walking and biking around my neighborhood distributing fliers, and spoke to my HOA where I live, and to workmen on the golf course close to our home. There were so many neighbors that helped too. Jorgia spent her time on her golf cart searching the neighborhood. She was tireless in getting the word out! Nancy, my neighbor a few doors down, shot out an email to her contact list (which was a huge help in getting the word out). My friend Carla (surgery tech at the VCA Pet hospital here in Rancho Mirage) spent the 1st day off (in 2 weeks) walking our golf courses-in the wind and rain. We even had a prayer group pray on his safe return! I was sick with fear that the wild birds (hawks and big ravens) would pick him off in a matter of time. I had nightmares of finding his mangled body…..pretty terrible stuff.

The thing that kept me going was people like Karen at Parrot 911. They reassured me that there was a good chance that he would find his way back home. But what happened was even better! (It turns out that there are really wonderful and caring citizens out there)! Beau found his way to a golf course around a mile from our home. And the funniest thing….to the back porch of a woman named Sue (same as my name). He even tried to fly into a back window of her home! Sue said she didn’t know a thing about birds, and especially Parrots, but she did set upon a journey to find the owner-researching different sources of local bird rescues, and animal shelters. She called the Wildlife Bird Sanctuary. They had my information and I was immediately called……HAPPPY! I rushed to her home and found Beau up on her roof. He flew to me when I prompted him, and we were reunited! So, in the end, it was a good, caring person that brought us back together again. Beau was a little dehydrated, and had a bump on the head, but was OK. We took him to the Vet as soon as we recovered him, and he got a clean bill of health.

The next thing we did was clip his wings! I have been asked several times about why his wings were not clipped. Turns out that we had decided to clip his wings and had planned on taking him in to have them professionally done. After going through this experience, we spoke with the Vet, and she gave us a diagram for clipping the wings of big bodied birds. It was a hand out from “The Bird Clinic” in Orange County (CA). It was simple and we ended up doing it ourselves with no problem. Also, to give you some background: Beau had a bad fall when he was a youngster, and slit open his breast bone which had to be surgically stitched. At the time, we felt that we wanted him to have the ability of flight because we were worried that if he was clipped again, he might re-injure his breast. I feel really fortunate that I have him back, and am satisfied that if we clip his wings properly, he wont be in danger.

So, we are a happy and very grateful family again! I want to thank all of those folks that went “beyond the call of duty” to help in the effort in reuniting us! Without the help, I would be without my wonderful and beautiful bird.

Thanks so much!
Susan Flanigan

He’s back! I feel so blessed that I get a 2nd chance with my boy! Through a series of actions (all of them suggested by you) I got a call yesterday from a lady that spied him on her back patio. It was her efforts of calling bird experts in my area that I had notified. I will be sending you my notes on my experience in the next week (so that others in my circumstances may hear my account)

Beau is a 15 yr old african grey (congo) He is tame and will probably step up on someones finger. He will probably say hello when approched. We live in Date Palm country club which is a mobile home park. I will give a reward to get my baby back!

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