Published on Tuesday 28 June 2011 03:00

A WORTHING couple are appealing for help after 12 of their beloved birds were stolen from their back garden.

Sylvia and Alan Brown keep birds as a hobby, and house numerous different types inside seven aviaries in their garden.

But overnight between June 15 and 16, intruders entered the garden in Gaisford Road and took a selection of the birds, worth about £500 in total.

Altogether, three Ko Shamos, two Hahn’s Macaws, two Yellow Kakarikis and four Fancy Doves were taken.

Sylvia, 76, said: “It is very upsetting. We think the thieves knew what they were doing because they took the Ko Shamos which people use for cock fighting, and also the two Hahn’s Macaws which are worth the most at about £200 each.”

Sylvia added: “They also took two of our pet carriers to put the birds in. I’m very worried about the welfare of the birds now – I expect they will be sold on, but I hate to think of how they’ll be treated.”

The thieves used a neighbour’s wheelie bin to scale the couple’s garden fence.

Sylvia reported the theft to the police and also The Parrot Society.

John Hayward, from the society’s National Theft Register, said: “It is suspected the owners were targeted following their attendance at a recent local county show. We are also informed two other similar thefts have taken place in the Petworth area of West Sussex when other fancy fowl were stolen.

“A reward has been offered for the safe return of the birds and any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the thieves.”

A Sussex Police spokeswoman said: “Police are appealing for witnesses after birds were stolen from a house in Gaisford Road, Worthing.

“Anyone who witnessed any suspicious activity in the area is asked to contact Sussex Police.”

The couple noticed the birds were missing when they saw a pigeon, which is usually kept inside the aviary, on the roof.

When they looked inside the aviaries, which the thieves had shut behind them, they saw 12 birds missing.

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