I’ve never posted anything on here ..please, she is my love….our apt got destroyed in a fire….the fd had to open our bedroom window to ventilate the fire….didn’t realize that she was there and she flew out in a panic. This happened in Rockaway Borough NJ today, December 13. If you have seen her (dead or alive) please email me.
This is what happened (we are the last two Windows on the left):

— Kristina Roper lost most of her possessions in a fire that destroyed two buildings in downtown Rockaway on Tuesday.

But she is holding out hope that her most treasured can still be recovered.

Roper, 30, and her boyfriend, Jordan O’Donnell, are hoping area residents keep an eye out for her pet cockatiel, Jaeger. The bird allegedly flew out of the window of their 25 Wall St. apartment Tuesday as firefighters were fighting back flames.

“Everything else can be replaced, I just want her back,” Roper said. “She was hand-raised and was always on my shoulder wherever I went. I am hoping she landed in someone’s backyard.”

Roper said she left their apartment about a half hour before the fire was reported at 1 p.m. Roper said a firefighter reportedly saw Jaeger fly out of their bedroom window. The fire, ruled accidental by borough officials, began in the second-floor apartment at 27 Wall St. and quickly spread to the adjoining building.


Roper and O’Donnell lived on the second floor of the building and most damage was located in the rear of the apartment.

“The apartment is in pretty bad shape,” Roper said. “Our bedroom was salvaged, but the rest was destroyed.”

The 10-year-old bird, light grey with a yellow face and orange cheeks, was a gift from Roper’s mother on her 21st birthday. The couple also had a pet fish and a sugar glider, both of which were unharmed in the fire.

“She’s been with us every move,” Roper said. “She comes with me in the shower. She eats out of my mouth. She was like an arm.”

Roper and O’Donnell have put up flyers around town hoping someone spots her. The bird was well-fed so she expects it would survive a few days, she said.

She said she would be happy to know just that the bird had a happy home.

“It’s one thing if we knew one way or anything, but it’s the not knowing that is the hardest part,” Roper said.

Anyone who thinks they see the bird can contact Roper at

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