• Species: African Grey - Congo (See species list for details)
  • Location: San Francisco, California, United States
  • Streets: 19th St/Yukon/Caselli/Danvers
  • Date Lost: April 2, 2011
  • Contact Person: Carole

Dear Karen,

Thank you for your email & the crossposting.  I am happy to share the news that I got my African grey back safe and sound!!
I live in San Francisco, and my bird freaked out and left my yard on Sat. afternoon.  She was found Sun. evening in the Mission district, over a mile away (prob. about 1 1/2 miles).  Somehow this bird, who had her flight feathers clipped, made her way across the Castro, across Dolores Park, and into the Mission.  This is all a very dense urban are filled with traffic, noise, and craziness, especially on the weekend.
The finder was able to connect with us because I posted on Craigslist with a reward.  Craigslist lost & found really worked for us.
My parrot was very glad to see me, and I’m so happy and relieved to have her back.  It was a piece of luck that Sat. night was uncharacteristically mild and that someone patient enough to put some work into catching her saw her (and she didn’t get run over or caught by a feral cat).

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