Thank you for your concern – I really appreciate it. (: Cosmo returned to my house just a few hours after I made my craigslist post, screaming for me to come get him. He flew down to me as soon as he saw me. Thank you again!

My male Umbrella Cockatoo, Cosmo, flew out of my backyard on March 19th, Monday. He is a large white parrot with yellow under his wings, and black feet, beak, and eyes. He has a large, distinctive crest and a raspy voice (he can say “Cosmo”). If you hear a loud, croaking squawk, or have seen him anywhere, please call or e-mail me. He is one year old and does not bite. A reward is offered. He likes almonds, if you can coax him to you with one.
My address is 3805 Karen Drive.
My home phone number is 504-xxx-xxxx
My cell phone number is 504-xxx-xxxx

There is a reward.

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