We found Stormy! He was just happily wandering around in another resident’s flower bed, kind of far from our home but in the same development. Oh my gosh it is a miracle! I can’t believe we just happened to walk up the right cul de sac. We kept whistling and whistling and finally we heard two chirps that were unmistakeably his, and we hung around there until we spotted him, and he came right back. Best (and worst) day of my summer!


I brought Stormy outside today in a small travel cage so we could get out of the house during the earthquake. My mom’s entire building shut down and she told me to go outside so I brought Stormy with me. But somehow the bottom pan on the cage wasn’t fully clipped on on one side and it fell open. Stormy panicked and flew out and I couldn’t call him back. He was flying in circles pretty high up disappearing and reappearing, then he flew across the street and I stopped hearing him screaming. I walked around my neighborhood whistling and trying to call him but he disappeared and I don’t know which direction to walk in.If someone finds him, please email me! He means so much to me and I’m crying as I type this. I don’t know his band number because he doesn’t like being held down and he never let me look at it. I know 3 of the letters but not the numbers. It’s a little tarnished and hard to make out. I can give very detailed description of what he looks like and his personality and I have pictures of him, so if anyone finds a cockatiel please tell me

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