Retta, I am thrilled to tell you that I have Duke back.  A man called me this morning and thanks to Duke’s portuguese accent (he talks like my husband) and thanks to all the things he says, I was able to verify that he is my bird.  I picked him up around noon today and he is happily talking and chirping in his own cage now.  The people who found him had an aviary in their yard, so Duke must have heard other exotic birds calling out and went to them.  I gave them a very nice reward and they were so grateful–it appeared that they might be able to put it to good use.

Although I hadn’t thought that Duke would fly across the river, he did. In fact, he also flew across the interstate.  So, he flew about 10 miles from home.  I would never have found him without the ad. Thanks for your help in the effort.
Marianne Oliveira
Gray with red tail. Black beak. Speaks in man’s voice.  Significant Reward.  865-xxx-xxxx

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