• Species: Cockatoo - Goffins (See species list for details)
  • Location: Millcreek Township (Salt Lake City), Utah, United States 84124
  • Date Lost: April 4, 2012
  • Banded: No
  • Microchipped: No

She was in our tree for quite awhile, and typically doesn’t go far, because she understands better than most birds, and she knows I will come looking for her. The only trouble was that, living in Utah, the weather changes abruptly and to extremes. It will snow one night, then be in the high 70s the next day, and there was a storm brewing, with snow expected. She hadn’t made a sound for many hours, which worried me, because it was getting late. However, good, news, I found her up the street about four houses in the back yard of a neighbor. She would scream once, then not make a sound for about an hour, so I couldn’t zero in on her, then, I didn’t hear from her for about 6 or 7 hours, which concerned me, because there are cats and dogs in the neighborhood. And, when it started getting dark, she started to worry about spending another night outside without mommy, and in the chill night air, and started screaming for me, what a relief. I worried less about her going too far, as compared with my tiels, because she does understand more. But, as with most parrots, she has an easy time going up, and a hard time coming down, particularly if it’s a steeper drop, so when she was high up in the tree, she would try to climb down a little at a time, and then scream for me to come get her, to which I kept replying, “mommy can’t climb, you know that, you have to come down,” and she would try climbing down a little further; but, she eventually ran out of small branches to grab onto, and got stuck, which is why, I think she decided to leave our backyard, to try to angle down to a lower tree or bush.


Puffin Marie Austin, answers to “Puffy” or Puffin. She is nearly 13, born April 15. She is Cream colored with pale yellow accents & Salmon around her beak and under her crest. She has greyish eyes, and blue around the eye-socket, like a bare-eyed cockatoo. She does not talk, except for screaming “mama” when she is distressed, communicates with her own sign language, & is unusually intelligent. She understands 90% of what is said to her. She understands rules and consequences, and will answer questions with a yes or no, with waves. She is very affectionate and thinks she is a princess. She was last seen in our backyard, after getting spooked, and was unable to get down from the tree. She flew off while I went in to feed her siblings, and I was unable to get her down. I am disabled, and she is my companion animal & has been more near-constant companion for the last 12 1/2yrs. She is used to going out with me almost everywhere, & rides in the car on the steering wheel, the seat or me. She is partially clipped, and has a few bare spots under her wings where she over-preened. She is used to eating with utensils from my plate, drinks from glasses, and likes her beak wiped with a napkin or towel every few bites. She doesn’t understand she is a bird, she believes she is a princess, and will answer that she is if you ask her. She has a concept of time and knows simple math. She gets spooked by gloves, nail polished fingernails, sticks, and unfamiliar objects. She is potty-trained, and will go on command if you hold her on your hand over a toilet or garbage can. She likes to snuggle under blankets. She is used to being cage free 99% of the time. I am so distressed, and NEED her back please contact me @801-839-4179 if you find her. Thank you.

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