Kona our macaw was found today in a tree within a few houses away- dehydrated after 2.5 days but in really good spirits.  A neighbor had a house next to the tree and she was awoken by “hi Kona, Hi Kona” and new it was our bird thanks to the many fliers we made.  Your advice about the local fliers is spot on, it seems they don’t really want to fly that far since flying is pretty new to them.  Thank you for your help and support


Please help me find Kona!  She was spotted this morning near dublin drive and flew south. she doesnt really fly so she has to be in cardiff still!!!!!!!!!!!! Please everyone go look out on your porch and yell kona. she prefers to hang out on the roofs over trees so please check your balconys. She is amazing and will say Hi kona if you see her. she is bright green with red tips on her wings and has a band on her foot. she is about the size of a dove or cockatiel, not really big. If you see her please call 619-602-6761 asap. Thank you!!!!

  • Location: Cardiff


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