*911PA note: Reunion information provided by a Mickaboo volunteer. She wrote:

“From a mickaboo member, message reads: My friend’s cousin found this Lovebird in the city!! What a small world : they contacted the owners and they will pick up the Lovie tonight!!”

*Details from the owner:

“Hi Karen- I have a very happy ending. My bird was reunited with me on Wednesday night when I got a call from a man in Petaluma CA. He was in Daly City the day she flew away when he noticed a flock of blackbirds outside the window trying to peck a small green bird. He opened the window and in she flew. He went and bought food and a cage and he and his wife took her back home to Petaluma with them. His wife’s cousin, also attending the wake for her father took a picture of the bird in the cage and sent it to a friend of hers who works for an organization that also takes petamberalerts to help find birds. She compared the two pictures and emailed me the info. Before I even read this email I got the call from Chris the man who took her to his home. I couldn’t believe it! It was truly a miracle and I am eternally grateful to all the organizations out there who spend their time trying to create happy endings like my story. She is home now! Very stressed, her beak is moderately black and blue and one wing hangs down lower than it use to. It is not broken but I think she sprained it during this ordeal somehow. She probably flew against a wall or window . I am trying to find a good vet to take her to for a physical but I’m too nervous to stress her out anymore right now. She is getting a little stronger slowly each day. Thank you, Leslie”


Our lovebird escaped her cage in Daly City on the way to Fatima Bird hospital, last seen on Washington/ Bryant St. I was parked in DMV lot. She flew across the lot towards the adjacent street on otherside of DMV.Here is a picture, please call the number in the link at anytime if sighted or found. Reward for return.

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