• Species: African Grey - Congo (See species list for details)
  • Location: Sebastopol, California, United States 95472
  • Date Lost: March 8, 2012
  • Banded: No
  • Microchipped: Yes

**Match made by 911PA volunteer**

Lulu was this found bird “Shelter LOST: CA, Santa Rosa, Congo African Grey, Mar 09.12

Email from owner:

Thank you so much for your note. Yes, it is Lulu. We’re leaving now to pick her up. She suffered some abrasions on her chest, but otherwise is her usual demanding self. Your service is invaluable and we are grateful that it exists.  Again, thank you. jon


Lulu is a four year old gregarious Grey. She’s very verbal having mastered all the usual noises. In addition, to name a few, her repertoire includes world class belching, “hi bird”, “stop”, “don’t bite”, “tickle, tickle”, “don’t fart”, “pretty boy” and blowing raspberries. She took flight yesterday evening and I do believe I’ve heard her chortling away in the vicinity. She is basically fearless, loves males (females, not so much, but any one is acceptable in a pinch). She’ll eventually get tired of her game and if unable to find her way back home, she’ll drop down on someones shoulder or near them and wait for a hand to step up on. She’s a terror with the beak, so if you find her you best isolate her in some manner. If not, you’ll soon find not a pen, computer mouse, keyboard, silicon spatula, shoe, to name a few, unbranded. Her only really bad habit is her dedication to attacking the ever present threat of the foot. For some reason she considers feet dangerous to all involved and quite courageously puts herself at great risk in doing battle with them. She generally attacks the toe of a shoe, but has been know to take a chunk of flesh when she gets really excited. Not as dangerous as it may sound, she chuckles away while whooping and growling, but she has been known to lose her self in the fight. Thanks for reading.

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