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Petrie’s day out
by Jennifer Zielinski – Story: 73412
Apr 4, 2012 / 2:40 pm

Photo: Contributed – Kassie Taylor
Petrie is a one-year-old CockatielPetrie went on quite the adventure this week.

On Monday the cockatiel, whose wings are not clipped, escaped out the front door of his home, and headed into the wild blue yonder.

His owners, Kassie Taylor and Vaughn Fjetland, were forced to sit idly by and watch him fly in circles, unable to bring him back down. They followed him down Mountain Road and located him in a tree, but poor Petrie was scared off by a hawk.

Petrie could be herd whistling around the neighbourhood and finally the little cockatiel was spotted sitting in a large tree in a woman’s backyard. The woman welcomed Kassie and Vaughn into her yard as they called out for the bird to return, but it was not to be, Petrie took off once again.

Vaughn, decided to make flyers and distribute them around the neighbourhood, but then he had the idea to log onto Castanet and post a free lost pet ad.

Twenty-four hours later, Vaughn and Kassie received a phone call from a man saying he saw the ad on Castanet and he had found a cockatiel on his barbecue trying to tap on his window.

The two quickly left for the man’s house to see if it was their dearly beloved bird. The two pet hunters knew it was their bird as soon as they walked in. How? you might ask. It was easy, the winged traveler told them.

As Vaughn and Kassie entered the home the bird called out …. “Petrie”.

Kassie says she may have never found their colourful cockatiel again if it wasn’t for Castanet’s lost pet section.

“Somehow he managed to fly something like, 16 kilometres in 24 hours so without Castanet we never would’ve found him again. Thank you!”


Lost around 12pm on Monday Apr 2nd, in the mountain ave area of Glenmore. It is crucial to Petrie’s survival to get him home as soon as possible because he can’t survive outside. If you see him, he acknowledges “Petrie” and whistles. He is a very friendly bird.
We live on Blondeaux Crescent, please let us know if you even see him as we are unaware of where he is now.


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